We aspire to provide an easy and smooth experience for our Customers in insurance buying. The company’s proposed web portal will enable customers to understand the basic terms/coverage/benefits of all classes of insurance, determine their needs and find a list of policies catering to those needs.

Customers will also be able to compare insurance products based on price vs benefits, short list and choose the right product based on their preferences and easily purchase the insurance policy online directly on the insurance provider's system.

The online portal will be built with specifications enabling

  • Informed Buying
  • Easy user interface and experience for an optimally quick buy
  • Insurance Portfolio Management
  • Integrated Online Customer support – Online Chat, request a Call, etc.

Car / Two-Wheeler insurance

Individual / Family Health insurance

Individual / Family Travel insurance

Home / Household insurance

Personal Accident insurance

Life insurance

Life Insurance:


A must-have insurance policy to cover any economic loss arising out of Death/disability. This type of insurance does not carry any maturity benefit (Cash value). The policy ensures the same level of financial independence for the dependent family members in the event of death/disability of the breadwinner. This type of plan is the cheapest of all life insurance plans.

Annuity (Pension Plans)

With longevity of human life increasing, the need to sustain oneself economically during retired life gains importance.

Pension Plans can be purchased as a single premium plan (Immediate annuity) or a regular premium plan (Deferred Annuity Plan)

Immediate Annuity Plan: The annuity (pension) starts immediately and paid regularly for a certain number of years or till life of the annuitant (Pensioner)

Deferred Annuity Plan: The annuity starts after certain number of years till which time (vesting period) premium is paid to accumulate a corpus and after that, annuity is paid either for certain number of years or till life of the annuitant.


An insurance plan both with savings and insurance element in it. The policyholder pays for a certain number of years to accumulate a fixed amount and incase of death during the period of insurance, the beneficiary (Nominee) gets the maturity benefit (Sum Assured + Accrued Bonus, if any). In case of the policy holder surviving the period of insurance, the maturity benefit (Sum Assured + Accrued Bonus, if any) is paid to the policy holder. This plan can be taken in such a way to meet one’s definite expenses like higher education/marriage of children or even creating corpus for retirement.

Children's Policy

Basically a financial plan to save early to meet the expenses for Children’s education or Marriage. Both Child and Parent can be covered. In this plan, incase of death of parent, the children’s education expenses are taken care of.