Retail Lines

We aspire to provide an easy and smooth experience for our retail customers in insurance buying. The company’s online comparison portal will enable customers to understand the basic terms/coverage/benefits of a class of insurance, determine their needs and f ind a list of all policies catering to those needs.

The customers will also be able to compare insurance products based on price vs benefits, short list and choose the right product based on their preferences and easily purchase the insurance policy online directly on the insurance provider's system.

The online platform is built with specifications enabling,

- Informed Buying.

- Easy User Interface and Experience enabling an optimally quick buy.

- Provide Insurance Portfolio Management services.

- Integrated Online Customer support – Online Chat, request a Call, etc.

The Classes of Insurance to be made available to the customers are:

- Car/Two-Wheeler Insurance.

- Individual/Family Health

- Individual/Family Travel

- Life Insurance – Term, Annuity and endowment, Children’s policies

Our Insurer partners include: