We assist large, medium and small business entities in evaluating the risks associated with their operations, understand critical risk exposures and classify them appropriately to suggest adequate insurance cover at optimum cost.

Some of the Insurance products relevant to business needs are

Fire and Special Perils

Every Business requires a minimum cover against Fire, Lightning, Riot/Strike, Flood, Storm, Tempest, Inundation, cyclone, etc. Add on covers can be included as per specific needs of a customer.

Industrial All Risk

IAR is a comprehensive policy covering Burglary, Machinery breakdown and loss of profit due to Fire besides all covers under Fire and Special Perils Policy.

Engineering/Machinery Break down

Engineering/Machinery Break down policy covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to the Machinery. Contractor’s Plant and Machinery Insurance is also available covering contractor’s equipment against unforeseen and sudden physical damage.

Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance: It covers all goods in transit (inland and overseas - all modes of transportation).

Marine Hull Insurance: It covers physical loss or damage to ships, inland sailing vessels, fishing vessels, dredgers, etc. Additional covers include Protection and Indemnity risks and Freight.

Offshore and Onshore Insurance: This is a specialized branch of insurance covering loss or damage to equipment deployed in Onshore/Offshore drilling operations in extracting Oil and Gas. The policy also covers third party liability, loss of production, failure of wells, etc.

Group Health Insurance

Employer, as a welfare measure, avail group health insurance policy for their employees.

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Employer, as a welfare measure, avail group personal accident insurance policy for their employees.

Group Travel Insurance

Corporates can avail Group Travel Insurance Policy for their employees who undertake frequent business trips.

Group Critical Illness Cover

Employer can prefer to avail group critical illness insurance policy for their employees.


It covers legal liability towards personal injury/death, property damage to third party caused due to business operations.

There are specific policies, namely,

Professional Liability

Professional liability covers professionals like doctors, engineers and architects, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers and Solicitors, etc., against damages to clients due to errors and omissions committed by them while rendering professional services.

Public Liability

The Policy covers damages to third party as a result of accidental death, body injury and loss or damage to property caused by the insured.

Product Liability

Product Liability covers insured’s legal liability in respect of accidental death/body injury or disease or damage to property arising out of any defect in the product manufactured by the insured.

Directors’ and Officers’ Liability

The policy covers damages claimed by the shareholders, employees, creditors, etc. due to loss or damage by the decision/wrongful act of Directors and Officers of the company taken during the process of discharging their duties in the interest of the company.

Shopkeepers Multi-risk

A Comprehensive policy for shops and establishments covering risks against fire, burglary, liability, personal accident, money-in-transit, etc.


It Covers

  • Physical loss or damage to Hull/Aircrafts
  • Combined Single Liability
  • Loss of License to Pilots

Office and Establishments

A Comprehensive policy for offices and establishments covering risks against fire, burglary, liability, personal accident, money-in-transit, etc.

Miscellaneous Insurance

There are many specific policies covering events, exhibitions, film production, Credit, etc.