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  • Why it is good to have a top-up health insurance

    19/01/2021 05:25 PM | Category: Health Insurance,

    Here's another option for you to enhance your health cover

  • Personal Accident Benefit

    10/01/2021 09:01 PM | Category: General,

    Some health insurance plans offer accidental death and disability benefits as a standard inclusion or as an additional cover. A specified percentage of SI or a lump sum amount will be paid for accidental death and specified benefits extended in case of accidental disability.

  • International Treatments

    10/01/2021 08:50 PM | Category: General,

    Few health insurance plans allow you to undergo treatments abroad, usually excluding US and Canada. This comes as either a standard benefit or an additional benefit. Some insurers allow treatments in US and Canada also with an additional premium.

  • Critical Illness Cover

    09/01/2021 07:24 PM | Category: Health Insurance,

    This additional cover, if opted, will allow the insurer to pay a lump sum amount in case of first diagnosis of any one critical illness listed by the Insurer. The lump sum amount will vary depending on the plan selected. It is also subject to survival and waiting periods as per terms specified by the … Continue reading "Critical Illness Cover"

  • Non-Medical Expenses Cover

    09/01/2021 06:44 PM | Category: Health Insurance,

    This additional cover allows expenses related to non-medical items like syringes, gloves, thermometer, masks, sanitisers, etc., which are not payable under any standard health insurance claim.

  • Out-Patient Cover

    09/01/2021 06:24 PM | Category: Health Insurance,

    Out-Patient or OPD cover allows reimbursement of expenses related to out-patient consultations up to a specified sub-limit of Rs. 10,000 or 15,000 during one policy year. You can claim expenses related to consultation fees, diagnostic tests, medicines, etc., under out-patient consultation. Normally, Health Insurance covers only hospitalisation expenses, where you are treated as an ‘in-patient’ … Continue reading "Out-Patient Cover"

  • Hospital Cash Benefit

    09/01/2021 06:08 PM | Category: Health Insurance,

    Hospital Cash Benefit Cover as an additional benefit under a health insurance policy will give you daily cash allowance for a specified period during hospitalisation. This daily cash allowance will help you in covering for other miscellaneous expenses related to your hospitalisation.

  • Home Care Benefit

    09/01/2021 06:01 PM | Category: Health Insurance,

    Home Care Benefit allow expenses towards appointing a qualified nurse to take care of the patient at home as per the advise of a Doctor. The expenses for a specified number of days in a policy period is allowed.

  • Maternity & Child Care Cover

    09/01/2021 05:46 PM | Category: General, Health Insurance,

    Maternity and Child Care covers allow expenses related to pregnancy, child birth and health cover for new born baby. Usually, these expenses are excluded in a standard individual health insurance policy. However, waiting period applies for this additional cover as per terms of the respective insurers. Maternity cover and Child Care cover are offered together … Continue reading "Maternity & Child Care Cover"

  • Waiting Period Reduction

    09/01/2021 05:38 PM | Category: General, Health Insurance,

    This additional cover allows reduction in waiting period for Pre-Existing Diseases (PED) from a usual 36 or 48 months to 24 months by paying additional premium. Under normal terms, PED are not covered by health insurers for the first 36 or 48 months. But, by paying an additional premium, if allowed by the Insurer, you … Continue reading "Waiting Period Reduction"