ARKA Insurance Broking Private Limited aims to be one among the best and globally recognized Risk Advisory and Insurance Services Companies.

We aim to grow by establishing strong presence in India, committed to customer centric approach by delivering technology-enabled services.

We feel it is appropriate for us to build technology platforms to empower the customers for a positive experience by making products and services easier to understand and compare, easily accessible and transparent.

Our focus on customer’s needs will reduce the gap between the Insurers and the customers, which will eventually increase penetration and result in business growth for the Industry and us.

The company believes in values created through

  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Innovation

We consider stake holding in every interface of the business cycle, be it the customer, the employee, the Insurer, the vendor, the regulator or the shareholder and are committed to create and deliver value. We create a culture of Integrity with motive to serve the customer and commit to a significant contribution to the healthy growth of the Insurance Industry in India.

We also do commit to align robust, user-friendly, seamless and progressive technology platforms for enhanced customer experience. The company will be flexible to good change and adaptable to positive transformation.